Privacy policy and personal data protection Regarding the privacy policy and personal data protection in accordance with the law on personal data protection, we as a Hotel, have: • We process your personal data in accordance with the law, in a sufficient manner and in a transparent manner; • We collect your personal data only for purposes that we deem appropriate during your stay at our Hotel such as: - unique personal identification number of the citizen (personal identification number); - day, month and year of birth; - place of birth (municipality, settlement and country); - gender (male-female); - place of residence and address (municipality, settlement, street and number and state); - ID card or passport number - telephone number and e-mail address • We use only the way we inform you when collecting data; • Ensure they are accurate and up to date; • We keep only as much as the law requires, ie as much as we need to fulfill the legal and contractual obligations with you, but not more than two years. • We process in a way that ensures that they will not be used for another purpose for which you have not been informed or agreed (when possible and appropriate) and will not be lost or destroyed. By making the reservation made on our web portal, you are considered to accept the legal obligation to store and use your personal data.